Peter at a perfect beach, Boracay, Philippines

Friend, pilot & former pool team mate Rasmus Damm & Peter both working with the soon to be missed SAS airplane, Q400!

Peter recieving a legacy from Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

Peter winning the first held Danish Champiopnship aged 14 :))

Beeeer at the perfect beach! Yummi :)

Peter in the mist before climbing a mountain - Stavanger, Norway

Teaching cute kids trickshots in Taiwan... Funny :o)

Danish national pool team at the EC Chech Rep.

Peter climbing mountains - Stavanger, Norway

Peter & a nice host at the Las Vegas Playboy Mansion party

Peter F. coaching a good friend & former youth champion Peter Taub

The sweet life at Boracay, Philippines

Peter in Oslo, Norway

Peter at the first Danish Championships

Peter at Rhodos Island, Greece

Peter at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

More great bikeriding, Rhodos, Greece...

Peter at an old beautiful castle - Rhodos, Greece

Rescue me! :o)

Top of the mountain, yihaaa great climbing :)

Peter at the baywalk - Manila, Philippines

Always finding a strange rental bike! Worthersee, Austria

Peter in the forest, Stavanger, Norway

On the way diving at Bali, Indonesia

Peter in the awesome Forum Shops, Las Vegas, Nevada

Fresh fruits and cocktails, Boracay, Philippines

Thats not a gun! :)) Manila, Philippines

Peter after a great trip in the deep.

Peter with another big gun? :o)

Peter at the Hoover Dam, USA

Peter dressed up before the IPT, Orlando, Florida

Peter in the filipino jungle...

Find the monkey!

Peter Danish champion around 1987... :)


Peter clillin at Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Peter in the great nature, Stavanger, Norway

Pier 17, New York City

Old friends & legends, Peter Taub, Søren Aaby, Jan Pedersen

This is becoming a bad habbit! :))

Well, she is never complaining! :)))

TV action,Taipei, Taiwan

Floods in Taipei!!! Not recommended, but one experience richer!


Peter & Roger Lysholm (N) at players hotel WC Manila 2006

Peter & 2 of the pool commentators at the Taiwan Pro League studio!

Raymond Hauge (N) & Peter

Peter breaking

Prize ceremony World 9-ball Tour Taipei

Henrik Asperup (DK) & Peter off season :)

Team Europe (third place) Continental Cup 2000

Danish commentators on Viasat Sport PFN & Jeppe Horskjær

Team Europe

Danish Championship many years ago :)

Henrik Sahlberg (DK) & PFN before winning the prestigous "Bakke tournament" :)

Max Eberly, Mika Immonen & Peter fastfood Osaka, Japan

Team Europe 2002 Continental Cup:
Thomas Engert, Karen Corr, Franziska Stark, Ralf Souquet, Peter F. Nielsen

Pool hall owner & old friend Morten Themstrup & Peter

Trickshot master Mike Massey & National coach Peter at the youth WC

Peter handing out free tips for" M" Magazine april 2003 (enlarge)

Marcus Chamat (S) Peter F. & Ralf Eckert (D) Int. Convention Center Orlando, FL

Peter teaching Marcus Chamat(S) to eat with chopsticks Taipei, Taiwan

Reunion of the legends of Danish pool 2007 (enlarge)

Jim Sommer, Tinne Neubert, Søren Aaby, Peter & Rasmus Damm

Jakob Lyng (DK) & Peter at a Eurotour somewhere.. :)

Hmm, partyyy at poolpeters :o)

Peter visiting Tan Tien Boon (Singapore) at his Pro shop

Danish art culture (behind) :)

Torben Svenningsen & Peter downtown Hong Kong

Peter in Washington DC

Peter around 14 years old! :)) (the year of winning the first Danish Championship)

Peter a bit older :))

Visiting the White House Washington DC, USA

Funny streetname, Manila, Philippines

Deserved holiday with Swedish Champion Palle Hultgren at Puerto Galera, Philippines after exiting the WC qualifier 2006

Peter at the World Team Cup 2000

Just a tourist in Copenhagen now???

Peter & Young Hwa Jeoung (KOR)

Peter & some fine pro players in Osaka, Japan

Peter in Amsterdam

Peter at Boracay island, Philippines

Peter Antwerp, Belgium

Peter with the legacy from Crown Prince Frederik

Peter in action WC 2000 (5th place)

Well well well, after falling off the bananaboat! :))

Peter back in paradise, Boracay Island

Peter WC 2000

Junior WC 2005 participant Bahram Lotfy (DK) & national coach Don Pedro :)

Book cover Taiwanese instructional poolmanual?!?!

The dirty life..

It's not alive!

Fine Danish weather

Peter at Subic, Philippines

Biker Pete

Carom practice Seoul, Korea

Peter tuning the old Opel Corsa

Playboy Mansion Party, Las Vegas 2007

Peter winning the coach tournament at the WC Youth 2005, Austria

Sailing around the Borneo jungle...

One of numerous battles against Taiwanese hero Fong-Pang Chao

Peter in his military uniform! :))

Peter South Taiwan

Peter & local Taiwan hero, Fong-Pang Chao

Try it!

Peter & poker legend Doyle Brunson at the 2007 WSOP

Peter signing autographes

Ok then, just one drink :)

Gilliano Smit (NL) & Peter downtown Amsterdam

Golfin' at Sabah, Borneo

Peter at the EC, Czech Rep.

Peter at the amazing Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

Focused pool action

Not his best sport, but living the life... :)

Peter at Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, USA

Helping out as a bartender, Bakken 2004

Finalist of Supermasters skomager 2004 (Jumbo AKA Johnny Gyldendahl won this year)

Hmm, crotches for 4 weeks after a drinking accident! :)))

Great jumpshot

Only one can survive... Delicious lobster at Borneo though :)

Peter in Manila

Peter at Prejkestolen, Stavanger, Norway

Hmmm, parttyyyyy

Niiice bike

Peter & Max Eberly (USA) at the WC qualifier 2006, Manila

Peter catching sheep at a mountain around Stavanger, Norway

Peter at the Great Wall - Beijing, China

Minigolf, butttt :)

Prejkestolen, Stavanger, Norway poolpose... :))

Peter visiting the IPT Orlando, Florida

Well, helping a friend out in different branch :)

A must picture for a man in his right age... :)

Yes, that is in Oslo, Norway

Peter in Las Vegas 2007

Just saw a pretty girl? :o)

Peter & Thomas Engert at World Team Cup Taiwan, 2000

Peter & friend and poker pro René Mouritsen at the WSOP, Las Vegas 2007

Pool retirees Peter & Raymond Hauge (N) Oslo, Norway

Peter at famous ricefields, Bali, Indonesia

Peter crusin' Green Island, Taiwan

Gone fishing!


Winning the famous "bakke tournament"

Beachlife doesn't suck!

Still doesn't suck! :)

Visit this place! Perfect holiday at Sabah, Borneo!

Visit this place! Perfect holiday at Sabah, Borneo!

Back in Denmark but still nice :)

Peter in front of the 101 Tower, Taipei, Taiwan

Floods in Taipei!

Quarter final action WC 2001 live around the World

At the Treasure Island hotel, Las Vegas, USA

Helping out at a freinds farm! :)

Taiwan Pro League clothings...

Peter at the Venetian hotel & casino, Las Vegas, USA

Peter winning another tournement, Odense 2006

Great Belgium waffles, Antwerp, Belgium

Washington DC

More physical activity at Worthersee, Austria

Peter with Chin-Shun Yang & anchorman James, Taiwan mall pool exhibition

Peter at Klagenfurt. Austria

WC action live on Skysports...

WC celebration wth friends Roger Lysholm (N) & Raymond Hauge (N)

Peter beating up Torben "Træsko" at bakke tournament exhibition! :)

Peter vs Fong-Pang Chao

Scandinavian friends & opponents:
Raymond Hauge, Roger Lysholm, Sten Järledahl & Peter

In the photostudio for some cover pictures... :)

Peter & Swedish friends...

Team Europe 2000 Continental Cup

Press fight after matches

Peter at a TV trickshot exhibition

Peter & Roger Lysholm relaxing between matches! :)

Guess I missed that one! :))

Scandinavian friends at the Antwerp Eurotour

More TV action


Pretty girls & Peter, Las Vegas Playboy Mansion party

did u guess it? :)

Peter at a sandstorm, Rhodos, Greece 2006

Paradise... Boracay, Philippines