Peter and his friends Henrik & Mika at Nyhavn, Copenhagen - Denmark

Peter on holiday - Tenerife, Spain

Peter playing golf at Sabah, Borneo

Well, does it get any better? Tenerife, Spain - YES please! :)

Golf or pool? Sabah, Borneo

Hmmm, not bad... Tenerife, Spain

Peter at the Great Wall - Beijing, China

Peter F. Nielsen & Jeppe Horskjær, the commentator team of all pool on Danish tv

Playing pool without a cue at Teide - Tenerife, Spain

Peter climbing Teide - Tenerife, Spain

Two of the tennisstars Williams sisters and Peter F.

Peter & Torben Svenningsen in -25 degrees on a frozen lake in Latvia

hmm, who is the wannabe? :)

Peter F. Nielsen, Asger Leth & Mika Immonen in Orlando, Florida

Prizeceremony at All Star World tour 1999 (Peter got 3rd place)

Grand Slam Final of Taiwanese Pro league (Peter got 2nd place)

Peter as a handyman with his friend Lars Henriksen

Need help building a fence? call 1-800-Don Pedro :)

Don Pedro is setting up a new home in Denmark with the help of European Junior Champion Henrik Asperup (DK)

Back to a new home in Denmark after years as a touring pro pool player

Its true, great chickenwings at Hooters in Taipei! :)

Peter in action

No US Open without chickenwings and a hug at Hooters - Chesapeake, Virginia :))

Peter shooting at All Star World Tour. Taipei, Taiwan

Peter at the World Trade Center - New York, USA

NY Yankees fighing Kansas in a baseball exhbition match

Peter at the beach in Cebu, Philippines

Peter working in the garden

Peter at the Forbidden City - Beijing, China

Recommended activities at Sabah, Borneo

Peter F. Nielsen at a Harrier airplane, Kansas State airshow

Peter in Hong Kong

Practising at a friends basement in Philadelpia before US Open

Grand Slam finalists Peter F. & Kun-Chang Huang Taipei, Taiwan

Peter at his new home

Out in the open

Peter enjoying the Danish summer at Nyhavn - Copenhagen, Denmark

Building a fence! Hard work!!!

Peter at a Stelth bomber - Kansas, USA

Nice beach at Sabah, Borneo

Sabah, Borneo again.. Perfect place!

Peter at his home in Taipei, Taiwan

Peter helping out at friends farm back in Denmark

Peter working in the garden

Peter cutting down a fence

Peter at the Great Wall - Beijing, China

Peter working in Copenhagen Airport

Finished as a pool pro for now???