JAPAN 2001

Peter F., Efren Reyes & Mika Immonen with the biggest cheque of a pool tournament. Unfortunatly Efren got it, not me! :-)

Girl pro pool stars Gerda Hofstatter (A) & Alison Fisher (GB) choosing japanese food through an automat.

Efren Reyes (PHI) showing off his 1. prize.

Having dinner with the Taiwanese delegation

Pro's need to eat as well :)

Alex Pagalayan (CAN) & Line Kjorsvic (N) singing karaoke

Michael Schmidt (D) in the Tokyo metro.

Mika Immonen (FIN) downtown Tokyo

Ralf Souquet (D) at Mike Sigel's (USA) stand

Mark the organizer & Oliver Ortmann (D)

Peter F. & the popular japanese pro player Akiko

Gerda, Akiko, Alison & Peter cooling down with an Asahi

Peter i undergrunden

Don Pedro i Tokyo

Og stadig i Tokyo

All Japan Championship action

Tokyo tournament

Tokyo view

Peter at the Tokyo 9-ball championship