Peter as a coverboy in Taiwan magazine.

Beautiful batcave, Phuket, Thailand

Chicken fight at Bali.

Dolphins near Guam Island

Perfect golf hotel at Sabah, Borneo

Hotelview at Sabah, Borneo

One of many islands near Sabah, Borneo
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James Bond Island! (Phi Phi Island), Phuket, Thailand

Jetski at Sabah Borneo, TRY IT! :-)

Peter getting a massage at Cebu, Philippines! :-)

Exhibition match against World Champion Fong-Pang Chao

Peter relaxing at Cebu, Philippines

Nice buildings at CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

CKS Memorial buildings Taipei, Taiwan

Still CKS fine buildings at Taipei, Taiwan

The dirty life at the pool, Sabah, Borneo :-)

Peters first diploma in taiwanese league.

Peter at the beach, Sabah, Borneo

Peter at the zoo?!?

double V-sign at James Bond Island :))

Peter coverboy at both books and magazines

Hanging bridge before river rafting at Sabah, Borneo

Peter holding the balance at a lagoon, Phuket, Thailand

Peter with a big gun :)

Exhibition match Peter F. - F.P. Chao

Peter F. Nielsen and World Champ Fong-Pang Chao

Pool hall girls...!

Signing cues

Peter climbing the rocks at Green Island, Taiwan

Peter along the coast of Taiwan

Peter diving at Sabah, Borneo

Cover me, I am going in.. :)

Diving at Bali

Riding a elephant, Phuket, Thailand

Another elephant, Taiwan

Super hotel, Sabah, Borneo

Lunch at the beach, Sabah, Borneo

Island jumping around Phuket, Thailand

Peter at the harbour, Sabah, Borneo

Touring around Taiwan

More mountains around Taiwan

Nicest place ever, Sabah, Borneo

Peter as a promotionsposter at a PRO league tournament in Kaohsoing, Taiwan

Sabah, Borneo again, need to say more? :-)

Minigolf champion of the World, Phuket, Thailand :-)

Dry practice before river rafting at Sabah, Borneo. :-)

Peter at some very nice rice fields - Bali, Indonesia

Scooter racing at Green Island, Taiwan

Hotel - Sabah, Borneo

Scooter hell downtown, Taipei, Taiwan

Exhibition at a department store, Taipei, Taiwan

Peter downtown, Singapore


Tough life as a pool player, Phuket, Thailand :-)

Who's that yellow dude? (to the left!)

Taiwanese championship, not for Danish dudes!

Interview for pool weekly at VL Sports...

Peter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Time off at the Adventure Park Leofoo Village - Taiwan

Peter at some hot springs near the ocean in Taiwan

Peter, Ching-Shun Yang and James commentator

Peter feeding a striped horse :))

More superb golf views at Sabah, Borneo

Young girls waiting for an autograph - Kaohsiong, Taiwan

Pool tournament, Taiwan

Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Signing cement with hand prints for a new pool hall in Taiwan.